Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS bleu
Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS
Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS
Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS
Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS
Thermomètre numérique, sucette pour bébé 0 BCS rose

Digital thermometer, baby pacifier


Custom designed for infants and toddlers. The Digital Pacifier Thermometer for Baby ensures an accurate and reliable reading of your child's body temperatures. Practical, safe for children and easy to...

Color: blue


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Compliant pacifier that works really precisely


This pacifier thermometer is easy to use and it gives a precise measurement. It is really great, I compared it with the diaper thermometer

Michelle B

Practical and very good, don't regret it because it is the easiest way to control the body temperature of the little ones. Highly recommended

Vanessa F.

The truth is that it works very well with a difference of 2 degrees with the forehead thermometer, but you don't disturb the baby and he likes the pacifier... I totally recommend it.

Paloma N.

If your baby accepts a pacifier, a great invention, easy and comfortable to use, very well made

Léonie V.

The most tender way to take your child's temperature!

  • Usable from birth
  • Allows you to take baby's temperature without waking him or her
  • LCD screen for easy reading
  • Effective in just 2 minutes
  • Memorizes the last temperatures (allows you to transmit fluctuations to your doctor for diagnosis, for example)
  • Approved: meets EN 1400 standards for safe use


Our pacifier with thermometer is the device you need to take better care of your baby . It is easy to use. Discover its different characteristics:

Accuracy: ±0.1(°C) degree /0.2(°F)

Easy to use : just press the On and Off button; it is also easy to reset the setting

Thermometer with beep to remind you that the temperature test is complete

Designed specifically to easily measure baby's body temperature in 3 minutes

Does not harm the environment or the baby , as no mercury is used

Pacifier do not expose to fire or hot lamps, keep in a cool, dry place

  • Color: blue and pink
  • Display mode: 3.5 digits


Many parents have already used our pacifier with thermometer and are really satisfied with it. They noticed changes in their daily lives:

  • Preserving the baby's health
  • Easy temperature taking
  • More precision
  • Reduced anxiety for the baby
  • Improved baby's well-being

Free to fold, soft and more comfortable.

Waterproof rubber probe, easy to clean.

The orthodontic pacifier is recommended by most pediatricians. There
Pacifier is made of BPA-free plastic.

One-piece construction of non-toxic materials. The cover of
storage protects and keeps the pacifier clean

Measures degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit