DIY souvenir footprints

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Sweet memories, baby footprint kit. Capturing the precious moments of early childhood becomes a memorable experience with our baby footprint kit. Treat yourself to the magic of preserving your little...

Color: Yellow and blue

Yellow and blue
Pink and white
Blue and white prince
Pink and white princess

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A baby footprint kit for the memory of a lifetime

This baby footprint kit is the ideal birth gift for your newborn!

You can give it to yourself and treat yourself, or give it to a new parent for a gift that will always please and keep as a lifelong memory.

In its box, this kit of imprints to make for your baby can be passed on to him when he is older for a nostalgic souvenir that is priceless.

Easy to use

✔️ Choose your color

✔️ Personalize your baby footprint kit with its set of accessories and decorations provided. Possible decoration ideas:

You can paint the prints gold (paint provided) or leave the prints natural color.

You can enter your child's first name, date of birth, weight and height... or what speaks to you and resembles you.

Let your imagination run wild, it's always more exciting to create a memory that is both unique and made by yourself and shared with your baby!


1. Knead the dough for at least 2 minutes to obtain a soft and easy to handle dough

2. Make a ball and flatten the dough to obtain a flat and regular dough, in a round shape like the box

3. Add your baby's prints for at least 5 seconds: you can repeat the step as many times as you want until you obtain the best result

4. Add decorations, texts, etc. to personalize your memory as much as possible!

Non-toxic clay, odorless and safe for the skin

Easy to use - No mixing or cooking required, simply leave to dry, in a dry, cool place, on a smooth surface and lasts for approximately 15 days

Soft texture, for simple and safe use