Hands-free electric breast pump


Free yourself with our hands-free breast pump. Simplify your daily life while offering your baby the best breast milk. Comfort and practicality combined.

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Free up your daily life with our hands-free breast pump. More than a breast pump, a practical and comfortable solution.

Thanks to its innovative design, it solves milk leakage problems, offers exceptional thinness (5.7 cm), easy cleaning with fewer parts, increased portability, and 10% more powerful suction for an unparalleled experience.

This breast pump does not have a 1 year warranty for motor parts.

Relieve yourself with our Portable and Electric Breast Pump

Free yourself with our MILKY™12 Electric and Portable Breast Pump. Wireless and completely hands-free, it eliminates the constraints of traditional breast pumps, allowing you to express your milk at your convenience, wherever you are.

With 3 modes and 9 levels, our portable design fits your busy schedule, providing comfort and flexibility for busy moms

What it contains:

Discover the features of our portable electric breast pump:
Made of PP-plastic and silicone, it sports a light green tint, and its size is as shown in the images.

Its features include massage, breast suction, and massage while sucking.

With a charge time of 2.5 hours, it offers a battery life of over 120 minutes after a full charge.

Featuring a touch button and 9-speed digital display, it uses a Type-C charging interface. Powered by a 1200mAh lithium battery, it operates with a power of 1.8W.

Optimize your pumping with our natural movements

Our cushion replicates baby's natural movements, stimulating and expressing milk effectively.

It gently alternates between stimulation and expression modes, providing the ideal intensity to optimize milk production.

In harmony with the milk ejection reflex (REL), it ensures rapid and comfortable pumping.

With innovative pumping technology, its low noise level (less than 50 dB, equivalent to a whisper) does not disturb a sleeping baby.

1 single breast shield size, 24mm.

Express your milk without leaning forward

Make pumping easier with a design that promotes an upright sitting posture rather than leaning forward.

According to the results of clinical trials conducted with 20 participants in 2019, 90% found the milk expressing position comfortable with the single electric model, and 95% with the double electric model.


1X breast pump and its components

1X Charging Cable

1X instruction booklet

My best friend

Our hands-free breast pump is the ideal ally for active mothers.

Return to work with complete confidence, no longer lose milk between breastfeeding sessions, enjoy baby-free evenings by expressing your milk discreetly.

A practical solution for a more flexible and harmonious breastfeeding experience.

Safe for you and your baby

Closed system, tested materials, food grade silicone, BPA free. Designed with high quality materials.

Flexibility and Discretion: Express Your Milk in Complete Freedom

Express your milk wherever and whenever you want in complete discretion thanks to our quiet motor and compact design. It allows you to express milk without disturbing your surroundings or attracting attention, whether you are at home, at work or on the go.

Milky™12 BCS

Unique design

No wires. No tubes. No hassle. With just 5 dishwasher-safe parts, this wonderful breast pump is very easy to assemble and allows you to spend time on the things that really matter.