Milky™39 BCS
Milky™39 BCS
Milky™39 BCS 2 pièces 24 mm
Milky™39 BCS
Milky™39 BCS
Milky™39 BCS 1 pièce 24 mm


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New on the market This little wonder has the latest technology in hands-free breast pumps. It offers an ultimate solution for convenient breastfeeding Discover how the Milky™39 revolutionizes breastfeeding with...

Unit: 1 piece

1 piece
1 piece
2 rooms

Breast shield size: 24mm


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This breast pump has revolutionized my routine! The cushion adapts ideally to the shape of my breast, and the varied stimulation modes are incredible. No pain or discomfort from the start thanks to its ease of use. Returning to work quickly, I appreciate being able to continue breastfeeding easily. Portability is a definite plus, and the design is charming!


I have never had such efficiency when expressing my milk! In just 2 minutes I managed to extract 30ml. No other breast pump has ever produced results like this, and I have tried many! Adaptable breast shields are amazing for everyone. You are truly the best on the market!!!

Veronica harvey

I wanted to leave a review for several months, but I didn't have the opportunity to post. However, this breast pump is awesome. My 10 month old has a well-established milk supply, and even though he will go to daycare, I will be able to pump easily. It's really great! I can take care of baby at the same time

Danielle P.

This electric breast pump is truly remarkable. Easy to learn, its use is simplified. The gentle stimulation and comfortable silicone cushion make the difference. Milk extraction is done easily and quickly, providing a pleasant and efficient experience.

Charlieee Vegas

This product is complete and easy to use. It effectively reproduces the baby's gentle sucking. Its appreciable autonomy makes it practical. I am fully satisfied with this item, offering a baby-like experience with ease of use.



Discover how the Milky™39 revolutionizes breastfeeding with its 4 modes, 12 adjustable levels and USB charging.

With easy cleaning and up to 3 hours of battery life, this breast pump is a game-changer. Plus, it comes with a 1 year warranty!

Relieve yourself with our Portable and Electric Breast Pump

The Milky™39 is designed to provide a unique control experience. Each mode is customizable, with a total of 12 voltage levels, and the memory card allows them to be saved.

Safe materials are used for a pleasant and safe experience, and LED lighting allows you to fully enjoy your experience. The Milky™39 is designed to measure blood pressure with the highest precision.

Plus, it slips easily into the bra. So you can express your milk discreetly wherever you want, work, home, travel...

Don't complicate your life anymore

The level change is very fast and it is always possible to pause whenever you want.

It helps soothe milk surges while creating a massage that stimulates milk production.

Quieter than a whisper at just 40 decibels, Milky™39 is small and discreet. It offers a practical solution for the comfort of all mothers.

Optimize your pumping with our natural movements

New to the market, it offers an innovative design with a dual-head pump, a safety system to prevent leaks and intelligent suction technology for optimal stimulation and expression.

How to choose this breast shield?

Measure the width of the nipple without the aureola.

Designed to fit your nipple perfectly. It offers a choice between 24mm and 27mm breast shields, so you can find the one that suits you best.

Its ergonomic design and flexible material facilitate milk flow and provide a reliable solution.

5 piece set

1. Container

2. Breast shield

3. Flange

4. Valve

5. Silicone diaphragm

Flexibility and Discretion: Express Your Milk in Complete Freedom

Express your milk wherever and whenever you want in complete discretion thanks to our quiet motor and compact design. It allows you to express milk without disturbing your surroundings or attracting attention, whether you are at home, at work or on the go.

Milky™12 BCS

Unique design

No wires. No tubes. No hassle. With just 5 dishwasher-safe parts, the Milky™12 is very easy to assemble and allows you to spend time on the things that really matter.

frequently asked Questions

Charges using a USB cable included with the breast pump.

2.5 hours of battery life.

The duckbill valve prevents the reverse flow of breast milk. If breast milk leaks while pumping, check to see if the breast pump is assembled correctly.

Yes, the warranty applies 1 year after purchase on the motor part of the breast pumps. See the return policy and shipping section.