2 in 1 nasal aspirator


Discover our revolutionary healthcare innovation, the 2-in-1 Nasal Aspirator, a versatile solution designed to meet the needs of the whole family. Specially designed to ensure the comfort of your little...

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2 in 1

Discover our innovative nasal aspirator with adjustable operating parameters.

With 9 suction levels, it offers enough power to effectively remove all forms of snot, ensuring optimal relief.

In addition, this versatile device can effectively remove blackheads. Simply switching through the default settings, press the power switch again to enable blackhead mode.

Get a complete and practical solution in a single device, guaranteeing personalized use and impeccable results to care for your baby with ease.

Made for toddlers

The nasal aspirator is better than traditional nasal aspirators and pumps. More powerful, more hygienic and more practical. Strong mode up to 65Kpa can solve almost all types of snot.

We highly recommend using a saline nasal spray to soften stubborn nasal discharge, after the nasal spray, wait 30 seconds to a minute, then use our electric nasal aspirator to suction it out.

Additionally, this baby nose blower uses high-quality motors to ensure low noise and features LED warm light, so your baby can enjoy a clean nasal experience in a quiet environment.

3 tips for suction of mucus .

But also for adults

It also helps to deeply clean the pores of the facial skin. In fact, all the impurities and excess sebum that cause blackheads are sucked out.
It helps fight dead skin and dirt to make the skin and your nose cleaner and smoother.

It is equipped with 4 tips of different shapes to vacuum every corner of the face . You can thus reach more sensitive areas such as the eye area or if you have sensitive skin.

Adapts to all skin types .
Can be used wirelessly, the battery can be recharged via a USB socket or mains adapter.


1. Digital display design, speed is visible, remaining battery power is visible.

2. With music soothing function, so the baby will not resist.

3. With fluorescent light function to attract children's attention.

4. Three gears can be adjusted and selected by button control, simple and convenient, to meet different needs.

5. Food grade silicone nozzle, soft and skin-friendly.

6. Removable design, comfortable and clean.

7. Ergonomic design, humanized curvature, comfortable to hold.

8. Anti-reflow design prevents mucus from flowing back into the nasal cavity.

How to clean it

The storage tank has been separated from the machine's air inlet to prevent backflow. Simply open the mucus collection cup and rinse with warm, soapy water.

You no longer have to worry about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold.

The suction chamber is transparent and removable, it is easily cleaned by rinsing it with hot soapy water.

using advice

Clean skin before use.

For perfect hygiene and to eliminate bacteria from the face, it is recommended to clean the blackhead extractor heads with hot water after each use.

In addition, after using this accessory, it is advisable to rinse and then moisturize your skin. As the pores are freshly opened, these products will penetrate deeper under the epidermis.

Package Contents

1*nasal aspirator
4 * blackhead beauty suction head
1* gourd shape
2 * funnel-shaped silicone suction nozzles
1*user manual
1 * mini USB cable
1* device case

frequently asked Questions

Is it rechargeable?

This baby nappy has a built-in 700 mAh battery. It is rechargeable and portable. The long-lasting battery ensures your use at any time when needed, eliminating the hassle of battery replacement. Absolutely safe for your infants.

The charge can last up to 2.5 hours.

What are the manufacturing standards?

BPA and latex free. The baby electric nasal aspirator meets medically tested safe inhalation standards, which can avoid damage to baby's fragile nasal mucosa, oral contact and cross infection. Three independent silicone nozzles guarantee absolute hygiene.

The nasal aspirator meets international standards and is FDA certified.

How to use the blackhead vacuum?

First of all, in order to dilate the pores you can start by washing your face with slightly warm water. Choose one of the four available tips, then start applying first speed.

Increase in crescendo if you can tolerate the speed in order to suck out blackheads and excess sebum in depth. Do not hesitate to change the tips to access more difficult to access areas.

At the end of the session, clean the tips with hot water.

How many times per week ?

You can use the blackhead vacuum once or twice a week.

How to switch from mucus mode to blackhead mode?

We set the nasal aspirator mode to default settings, you just need to press the "power switch" again to switch to Blackhead Remover mode.