Rechargeable stroller heater


ULTIMATE COMFORT with our clever stroller warmer. Nestled in a cozy blanket decorated with a cute figurine, it provides enveloping warmth during your outings. Its discreet lighting adds a magical...

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Color: Tiger

White Rabbit
Pink Rabbit

Power supply: USB


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I ordered this for my daughter, she is 4 months old. Our Canadian winters are very cold and I slip the stroller warmer under the blanket. At least I have peace of mind that she won't be cold.


It works really well.


Funny and cute

Transform your stroller into a cozy cocoon with our ingenious heat device. Discreetly integrated into a blanket adorned with an adorable figurine, it provides enveloping warmth.

The subtle lighting adds a touch of magic for comfortable walks, ensuring your little companion has warm moments, even in cool weather.

Winter walk

Enjoy carefree winter walks with our stroller equipped with a baby heater. Give your little one the warm comfort needed in cold weather.

The discreet device ensures a pleasant temperature, transforming every outing into a cozy experience. Walk the streets in peace, knowing that your baby is warm and cozy.

Reassured pleasure!

Explore winter in complete peace of mind with our discreet heating block.

Simply slip it under the blanket to provide your baby with comforting warmth during your outings.

Rest assured on every walk, knowing your little one is staying warm and comfortable, ready to enjoy the wonders of the cold season.

Several possibilities

Comforting warmth wherever you go! Our baby heater also doubles as a hand warmer for you.

Practical, it also serves as a phone charger.

Featuring a built-in light, it illuminates your travels while providing warm comfort for you and your baby, a multifunctional solution for cold days.

What it contains:

1X Warming Host

1X Lower Handset Warmer Bracket

1X charging cable

1X portable hand rope

1X instruction manual

*It can also be used as a charging pad.