Unforgettable Games and Entertainment: The Perfect Ideas for a Baby Shower.

Jeux et Divertissements Inoubliables : Les Idées Parfaites pour un Shower de Bébé.

Celebrate the imminent arrival of your little treasure with unforgettable games during your baby shower! In our latest article, discover a list of fun and creative games that will brighten up the party.

From classic games to innovative ideas, we've rounded up activities to entertain your guests and create lasting memories. Whether you opt for traditional games or personalized activities, our comprehensive guide will lead you through a joyous, laughter-filled celebration.

Get ready to experience unique moments and share warm laughter during this exceptional baby shower!

Icebreaker games

Baby shower games to break the ice

When your guests aren't all familiar with each other, it's always a good idea to start your baby shower with an activity that encourages interaction.

However, even if your guests are already familiar, this type of entertainment remains an excellent way to immerse them in a friendly atmosphere. The baby shower games we've rounded up below will provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to bond while having fun.

1. Who is who?

Title: "Memorable Game: Guess Who's Who?"

Materials required:

  • Photos of each guest when they were babies, numbered
  • Numbered lists to fill out, distributed to each guest
  • Pens or pencils

Instructions: When sending out invitations for your baby shower, ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. At the start of the event, collect the photos and post them on a wall, associating them with numbers. Distribute numbered lists to your guests to fill out and invite them to guess who is who based on the adorable baby photos. A fun way to create memories and share bonding moments during the party! 🍼✨

2. Pacifier fishing

Title: "Dummy Fishing: A Fun Game to Liven Up Your Baby Shower"

Materials required:

  • Several small plastic bowls (one per participant)
  • Between 3 and 5 teats per bowl


  1. Fill the bowls with water and place them outside or in the kitchen.
  2. Float pacifiers in each bowl.
  3. Ask your guests to line up in front of their bowl, hands behind their backs.
  4. At the signal, participants must try to grab the pacifiers without using their hands.
  5. The first to catch all the pacifiers wins the game.

Tip: To make the game even more exciting, you can number the pacifiers and give them small, previously prepared gifts. Be sure to clean and disinfect the pacifiers thoroughly after play, then give them in an adorable gift package to expectant parents. A fun game and souvenirs to take away! 🎣🍼

3. Guess who I am!

Title: "Do You Really Know Your Friends? An Ice-Breaking Baby Shower Game!"

Materials required:

  • Paper and pen for each guest
  • A computer and a printer or photocopier

Instructions: Before your baby shower, explore the guest list and compile fun facts about each of them (or ask them to share theirs if you don't know them very well). Create a list of these anecdotes without mentioning who they belong to. Print or photocopy the list, then distribute a copy to each guest as they arrive. The objective is simple: guests must get to know each other quickly to associate each anecdote with the right person. The participant with the most correct answers could be rewarded with a small gift, adding a touch of friendly competition to your baby shower. A fun and original way to create bonds between your guests! 🌟🤝

4. What am I?

Title: “Unveil the Mystery Baby Accessory: A Connection and Guessing Game!”

Materials required:

  • Labels or pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • A clothespin or tape for each guest

Instructions: Prepare a tag or piece of paper for each guest, writing on it the name of a birth-related object, such as "pacifier" or "dirty diaper." Attach a label or attach a piece of paper to the back of each participant using a clothespin or tape. Encourage guests to get to know each other by asking questions to which the answers can only be "yes" or "no", with the aim of guessing the object written on the back of their interlocutor. Once a person guesses correctly, they can remove their tag or place it on their chest. A simple and entertaining game to stimulate discussion between your guests and test their knowledge of baby accessories! 🍼💬

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Baby Shower Activities for Fun

The baby shower games we offer below promise to spark laughter, smiles and bursts of joy among your guests. Get ready for a joyful atmosphere!

5. Because that’s how it is!

Title: “Funny Parenting Sayings: A Hilarious Game for your Baby Shower”

Materials required:

  • Pen and piece of paper for each guest
  • A bowl to put the pieces of paper in

Instructions: Invite your guests to write a parenting saying or brief piece of advice related to their parents on a piece of paper. Collect them in a bowl, then ask each participant to draw a paper. If they draw theirs, they will have to draw another. Have fun guessing who wrote each saying and if it's something that person would say to their own children. A fun game that will reveal hilarious and surprising parenting tips! 🤣✨

6. Ice Ice Baby!

Title: “Surprise Ice Cubes: A Refreshing Game for an Unforgettable Baby Shower”

Materials required:

  • An ice cube tray
  • One tiny plastic baby per guest (available in toy stores)

Instructions: Get ready for a truly original baby shower game! The day before the event, place the plastic babies in the ice cube tray, cover them with water and put everything in the freezer. At party time, place an ice cube with its baby in each guest's glass. The first to shout "my water broke" when the ice cube has completely melted will be the winner.

You can offer a small reward to the winner and make the game more competitive by explaining that if someone forgets to say "my water broke", the first person to say "your water broke" for them will win the game. batch. A refreshing game that promises laughter and unforgettable moments! 🍼❄️

7. Playdough babies

Title: “Lightning Creative Challenge: A Fun Activity for an Unforgettable Baby Shower”

Description: Prepare for an explosion of creativity with our “Lightning Creative Challenge” activity! Even the most talented guests will be put to the test in this race against time.

Title: “Baby Modeling Challenge: A Creative Activity for a Memorable Baby Shower”

Materials required:

  • Playdough in different colors (store bought or homemade)

Instructions: It's time to put your guests' creativity to the test! Distribute pieces of modeling clay of different colors and start a timer for around fifteen minutes. The goal is to create the cutest playdough baby within the time limit. Encourage participants to use props such as plastic knives, pencils, or anything else that will stimulate their imagination. At the end, it's up to the guest of honor, the mother-to-be and/or the father-to-be to decide the big winner. An entertaining activity that promises laughter and unforgettable memories! 🍼🎨

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Discover a list of dynamic activities for a baby shower full of entertainment and laughter! Among them, particularly sporty options will bring a touch of energy to your special day.

8. Diaper change relay

Title: “Express Diaper Change Challenge: A Hilarious Game for Everyone!”

Materials required (1 of each per team): 1 package of baby diapers 1 package of wipes 1 baby outfit 1 plastic baby or 1 soft toy How to play:

This game promises bursts of laughter, especially for new dads or seasoned dads! Gather your guests for the “Express Diaper Change Challenge” where speed and skill are key. Each team receives a pack of diapers, wipes, a baby outfit, and a plastic baby or stuffed toy. When the signal is given, the first person on each team must quickly change the baby, from undressing to dressing to changing a diaper. The relay continues until all team members have succeeded. The first team to finish wins. A classic and ever-loved game that adds a hilarious twist to your baby shower! 👶🏆

9. The pregnant Jacques-a-dit

Title: “Baby Balloon Challenge: A Fun Activity to Liven Up Your Baby Shower!”

Description: Discover an always entertaining baby shower activity, guaranteed to have hilarious and unforgettable moments! Grab some balloons and get ready for a fun challenge.

Materials required:

  • Balloons


  1. Have your guests blow up a balloon and place it under their t-shirt to simulate "babies."
  2. Start a game of Jacques-a-dit with challenges such as jumping while doing the splits, touching the left foot with the right hand, or adopting a yoga pose.
  3. Award prizes for the most extravagant pose, the most balloons passed under the t-shirt, or the fewest balloons exploded.

The mother-to-be will be able to admire the show from her chair, adding a touch of madness and laughter to the party! 🎈🤣

10. Dry the diaper

Title: “Express Drying Challenge: A Baby Shower Game Full of Speed ​​and Laughter!”

Description: Get ready for some laughs with the “Express Drying Challenge” during your baby shower! This game will test the speed and dexterity of your guests for fun and memorable moments.

Materials required (for each team):

  • 1 or 2 packs of baby diapers
  • Mini clothespins
  • Pieces of string two or three meters long


  1. Stretch the ends of string to create two or three clotheslines.
  2. Divide your guests into teams, start a timer, and have them put as many diapers as possible to dry on the clothesline.
  3. The winning team will be the one having hung the greatest number of layers.

This challenge will add a dose of energy and friendly competition to your baby shower! 🍼🏆

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Guessing games


11. Birth prediction

Birth Predictions: A Must-Have Game for a Memorable Baby Shower!”

Description: Add a special touch to your baby shower with the “Birth Predictions” game! Even if your baby shower is delayed, this activity will be a guaranteed success.

Materials required:

  • Paper and pen for each guest OR 1 calendar for the month corresponding to the expected delivery date, which you will pass from guest to guest


  1. Ask the expectant parents to reveal their expected due date.
  2. Remember that only 5% of babies are born exactly on their due date.
  3. Each guest writes down on a piece of paper or on the calendar their prediction of the actual date and time of birth.
  4. Promise to send a small gift to the winners, those who correctly guess the day or time.
  5. Don't forget to send the gifts after the baby is born for the full experience.

A fun activity full of anticipation that will leave a lasting impression! 🎉👶

12. Who is the famous mom or dad?

This baby shower game, ideal for dads, moms, or mixed parties, will test the general knowledge of your guests, ensuring joyful and entertaining moments.

Materials required:

  • Tags or pieces of paper with the name of a famous mom or dad

How to play:

  1. Print or write the names of famous moms and dads on tags or slips of paper before your guests arrive.
  2. Choose a theme such as literature, films, series, singers, or any other subject of your choice.
  3. When guests arrive, attach a tag or piece of paper with a name to their forehead, without showing it to them.
  4. Participants must ask other guests questions to guess the name on their name tag, with answers limited to "yes" or "no."

A fun game that will test knowledge and spark lively discussions! 🌟🎲

13. What is it?

This baby shower game is a must-have, ideal for involving all the guests and sparking fun proposals.

Materials required:

  • 10 paper bags
  • 10 baby items (e.g.: a diaper, a pacifier, etc.)
  • A pen and paper for each guest

How to play:

  1. Before the baby shower, place one item in each bag and assign each one a number.
  2. During the party, distribute paper and pens to guests.
  3. Pass the bags through one by one. Guests have to guess the contents of each bag without opening it, but they can shake or feel it.
  4. Once everyone has tried to guess, the parents-to-be reveal the contents of each bag.
  5. The person with the most correct answers wins the game.

An entertaining time guaranteed with laughter and fun discoveries! 🎉👶

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Creative baby shower activities

14. Decorate a t-shirt

Here's a charming way to give the newborn a useful and personalized gift: a piece of clothing lovingly designed by the parents-to-be's loved ones.

Materials required:

  • A solid color t-shirt or bodysuit for each guest
  • Non-toxic fabric markers or paint

How to play:

  1. Ask each guest to unleash their creativity by decorating an outfit for the baby-to-be.
  2. Take advantage of this moment of creativity to invite the future parents to rest in a side room.
  3. When guests are finished, arrange the decorated outfits on a table.
  4. Invite expectant parents to come back and guess who created each piece of art on the clothing.

A sweet and loving activity that will leave lasting memories for the baby to come. 🎨👶

15. Make a baby blanket

A Blanket of Cozy Memories

A baby blanket can turn into a precious treasure of memories, especially when it is made with love by your loved ones!

Materials required:

  • Pre-cut squares of plain fabric
  • Non-toxic fabric markers or paint

How to play:

  1. Hand out a square of fabric to each guest to decorate, either during the baby shower or in advance asking them to bring their creation to the party.
  2. Give free rein to their creativity to embellish the fabric squares with drawings, messages or handprints.
  3. After the baby shower, invite guests to piece the squares together to create a unique pattern, possibly adding squares of plain or striped fabric to vary the textures.
  4. Transform these squares into an adorable blanket, either by making it yourself or by entrusting this precious project to a seamstress.

A personalized and cozy gift that will wrap the baby in warmth and love! 🎨👶

16. Baby decorations

Create Artistic Keepsakes for Baby's Room

Help future parents beautify the baby's room with unique works of art, created by their friends and loved ones!

Materials required:

  • Small canvases or paper
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Decorative accessories such as stickers or glitter

How to play:

  1. Cover a table with old newspapers to avoid painting accidents and arrange all the artistic accessories.
  2. Invite guests to give free rein to their creativity by decorating the canvases or paper.
  3. Encourage drawings, quotes, shapes and colors, orienting them according to the theme chosen by the future parents if there is one.
  4. Once the artwork is completed, future parents will have beautiful personalized keepsakes to adorn their precious baby's room.

A baby shower full of creativity and artistic moments! 🎨👶

17. Baby word search

Word searches are an essential classic, and for your baby shower, we have adapted it to the baby theme.

Materials required:

  • A list of word searches per guest
  • Pens
  • A stopwatch

How to play:

  1. Select a list of baby-related words, such as "stroller", "diaper", "bib", etc.
  2. Mix the letters of each word to create challenges.
  3. Distribute the word search lists to guests with pens.
  4. Set a time limit, for example 5 minutes.
  5. Guests must find as many words as possible within the time limit.
  6. The winner is the one who solves the most words!

A fun game to add a playful touch to your baby shower! 🍼🎉

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Let's celebrate this Magical Adventure together!

We've explored a variety of fun and creative games to make your baby shower even more special. Each of these games has been designed to create unforgettable memories and bring a touch of joy to this exciting time.

Whether by discovering the artistic talents of your guests, sharing funny anecdotes, or testing their knowledge about future parents, these games have been chosen for their ability to bring people together and create moments of complicity.

So, let the party begin! May your baby shower be filled with laughter, love and happy celebrations. Congratulations to the future parents and to this wonderful adventure that is beginning.


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