Gifts for mom and baby under $50

Cadeaux pour maman et bébé à moins de 50$

Discover adorable gifts for mom and baby for less than $50! Provide a culinary experience with a set of toddler-safe silicone dishes and spoons.

Stimulating toys and cuddly soft toys will amaze the baby.

For unforgettable memories, opt for DIY kits for hand or foot prints.

Make mom's life easier with a comfortable and practical baby carrier.

These thoughtful gifts show your affection without compromising your budget.

Make every moment a celebration of love and tenderness with thoughtful, affordable choices.

Personalized hat and sleeping bag

Give the new mom in your life the perfect gift that will provide comfort and style, even during restless nights.

Imagine a soft and warm hat, perfect for keeping your head warm during winter outings with your baby. But that's not all ! Add a touch of personalization with her name delicately embroidered on the hat, making each wear even more special.

By offering this customizable hat and sleeping bag duo, you are giving much more than just a gift. You offer comfort, warmth and a personalized touch of love, enveloping the new mother and her baby in a bubble of happiness and softness.

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Beech wood and cotton gift set

A soft and natural essential for babies.

Complete with a wooden rattle and pacifier clip, this blanket offers your little one luxurious comfort while stimulating their senses.

The fusion of soft materials and natural wood creates a unique tactile and visual experience, perfect for the well-being of babies.

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Silicone dish set

Transform meals into fun and practical moments with this for toddlers!

Includes an easy-to-hold spoon and fork, an ingenious three-compartment bowl for a balanced diet, a bib to keep it spotless, a tumbler with a leak-proof lid and a straw to learn to drink like the grown-ups.

Thoughtfully designed, each element of this set not only makes mealtime easier, but also encourages independence and fun at the table. Made with safe, food-grade silicone, this set is durable, easy to clean, and safe for little ones.

Give the perfect gift to make mealtimes joyful and hassle-free!

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Customizable bag

Imagine traveling the world with your little treasure, equipped with a customizable travel bag, designed especially for you. This bag will become your faithful companion, accompanying you on every adventure, whether it's a weekend getaway or a visit to the grandparents.

Thanks to its spacious design and multiple compartments, this travel bag will allow you to carry everything you need to care for your baby in style and practicality. And to make this gift even more special, we have added a personal touch: your name or that of your baby lovingly embroidered on the bag.

May your travels be filled with precious memories and unforgettable moments with your little one. Enjoy every moment and know that we are here to support you every step of this wonderful adventure of parenthood.

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Silicone pacifier clip

Discover our silicone pacifier clip, a clever companion that combines style and practicality. Designed to secure baby's pacifier while providing a safe teething toy, it satisfies the natural need to chew.

Made with food-grade silicone, this accessory is gentle on baby's delicate gums. The pacifier clip attaches easily to clothing, ensuring the pacifier and teething toy stay within reach.

Provide a safe, soothing way to soothe gums while preventing pacifier loss.

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Baby carrier

Discover our lightweight, foldable and affordable baby carrier, offering a practical solution for active parents. Designed for easy transport, it folds easily and has a handy pocket for storing essentials.

With optimal back support, this baby carrier ensures the comfort of parent and baby while maintaining an ergonomic position. Ideal for travel, outings and companionable moments.

Offer practicality without compromising comfort with this lightweight baby carrier that adapts to your needs, at a low price.

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Ultra-soft blanket

Wrap the little treasure in absolute comfort with our extra-soft baby blanket. Made from a delicate fabric, it provides unparalleled softness and warmth for unforgettable cuddly moments. Vibrant colors add a cheerful touch to baby's room.

This blanket will quickly become a comforting companion, ideal for cozy naps and tender moments.

Combine luxury and softness with this exceptional blanket in vibrant colors. A perfect gift to create sweet and warm memories from a young age.

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Trendy baby bag

This bag is the ideal gift that combines style and functionality. Designed with smart compartments to organize baby's essentials, this bag offers a stylish solution for on-the-go.

Durable materials ensure a long life, while the modern design adds a fashionable touch. Give mom and baby convenience without sacrificing style.

With this chic bag, she will be ready to face all the challenges of motherhood with elegance. A practical and elegant gift that will simplify everyday life.

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Memorabilia frame

Capture precious moments with our baby footprint frame, the perfect gift to create unforgettable memories.

Made with love, this frame provides a dedicated space for your little one's hand or footprints. The stylish design fits perfectly into any child's room. Turn those fleeting moments into lasting memories with this personalized frame.

Give the new family a unique and meaningful way to celebrate the birth of their baby. A touching gift that captures the innocence and sweetness of early days.

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Astronaut night light

Immerse your little one's cradle in a magical universe with our astronaut night light.

This star and galaxy projector creates a soothing starry sky, perfect to accompany baby's sleep. Soft lights and captivating projections transport your little one to starry dreams. Designed to promote peaceful sleep, this night light adds an enchanting touch to baby's room.

Give a gift that lulls the nights with sweetness and wonder, transforming every bedtime into a magical experience for your little space explorer.

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Reborn doll

To mark this incredible milestone in your life, we've chosen a unique gift that will forever capture the magic of motherhood: a beautiful reborn doll. These realistic dolls are more than just toys; they are true works of art, designed with meticulous attention to detail to look like real babies.

Imagine holding this doll in your arms and feeling its delicate weight, admiring its finely drawn features and silky-soft hair. Each reborn doll is unique and made with love, ready to become the perfect companion to accompany your journey into parenthood.

By offering this personalized reborn doll, we hope to provide you with a gentle reminder of the beauty of motherhood, as well as a precious treasure to cherish for years to come. May the times spent with this doll bring joy, comfort and precious memories to you and your family.

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Thermometer pacifier

Surprise new parents with our thermometer pacifier, a practical gift that eases worries and makes taking a temperature enjoyable for baby.

This smart pacifier offers precise temperature measurement while providing the familiar comfort of a pacifier. Easy to use and safe, it simplifies stressful moments. Parents will appreciate this clever solution to watch over the health of their little one.

Give a gift that combines the useful and the comforting, demonstrating your attention to detail to make parenting a little easier and reassuring.

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Customizable night light

As you embrace this new chapter in your life, we thought of a sweet and comforting gift that will brighten your nights with tenderness: a customizable night light.

This night light is not only a practical accessory for baby's room, but also a symbol of warmth and security in the most peaceful moments of the night.

Imagine this soft glow enveloping your little treasure's room, gently illuminating their dreams and yours. And to make this night light even more special, we've personalized it with your baby's name, adding a unique and personal touch to this comforting object.

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Surveillance camera bulb

Give parents the ultimate security with our versatile surveillance camera bulb.

Perfect for baby's room or outdoor surveillance, it offers 360-degree views, night vision and access to images via phone. Easy to install, just screw into a regular light socket to activate monitoring.

Give a gift that turns ordinary light into 24-hour protection, giving parents complete peace of mind. An intelligent and discreet solution to watch over their little treasure.

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Food duo

Make introducing food easier with our innovative puree and lollipop dispenser.

This practical gift includes three sizes of pacifiers, perfect for guiding baby in learning flavors. Fill the dispenser with fresh puree and let baby enjoy it in complete safety thanks to the teats adapted to his stage of development.

This versatile dispenser simplifies mealtimes, encourages independence and creates a positive experience for budding little foodies. A smart gift that makes dietary diversification enjoyable and worry-free.

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Warm baby!

Innovate with our compact heating device! Designed to wrap babies, strollers and outdoor activities in warmth, it offers cozy comfort in cold weather.

Lightweight and easy to use, our portable heater is the essential accessory to provide warmth wherever you go.

Enjoy a warm break during your outings with baby, while maintaining a pleasant temperature. Be ready to face the cold with this well-being ally, guaranteeing moments of happiness on every outdoor getaway.

Several models available.

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Bottle sterilizer and warmer

Giving a bottle sterilizer and warmer as a gift is a precious gesture for new parents. Once expensive, these amenities are now affordable, eliminating any excuse not to take advantage of them.

The sterilizer ensures perfect hygiene of baby bottles and accessories, while the bottle warmer guarantees meals at the ideal temperature. With these tools at hand, parents can focus on loving and caring for their baby, without worrying about logistical details.

Providing this convenience, security and comfort is a way to show valuable support in this new parenting adventure.

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2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

Our electric nasal aspirator goes beyond expectations in providing effective relief for your baby's runny nose. Its versatility extends to perfection with the ability to treat facial blackheads.

With this device, offer complete care to your little one and your skin, ensuring optimal well-being.

Convenience and efficiency combine to simplify the care routine. Invest in a device that cares for the whole family, ensuring gentle nasal relief for little ones and glowing skin for adults.

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Baby care gift set.

Give the perfect gift with our baby care set. Complete and caring, it includes everything needed to care for your little one's delicate skin.

From the digital thermometer to the gum brush, each product has been selected to ensure tenderness and safety. Presented in charming packaging, this set is ideal for new mothers and babies.

Offer the best to your little treasure with quality products that promote well-being. A gift that expresses the love and care that every baby deserves.

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Pamper yourself at low prices

In conclusion, offering products designed for mother and baby does not require breaking the bank. With careful selection, it is possible to find affordable gems that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

Practical, fun, and sweet gifts that prove that love and care can be affordable. Giving mom and baby the best without compromising the budget is a thoughtful way to celebrate this special time of life.

Small gestures that will leave a lasting imprint of happiness and comfort.

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