The Essentials for Outings with Baby: Practical Solutions from BCSBienChezSoi

Les Indispensables en Sortie avec Bébé : Des Solutions Pratiques de BCSBienChezSoi

When it's time to go out with your baby, whether it's for a family walk or a day outside, being well prepared is the key to having a fun, stress-free time. To help you be prepared for all eventualities, here is a list of the essentials to pack when going out with baby, all available on our site for your convenience.

1. Stroller Warmer

A stroller warmer can make all the difference on cold weather outings for all seasons. Make sure your baby stays comfortably warm by investing in a practical, easy-to-use stroller warmer, available on our site.

2. Stroller

A reliable stroller is an essential item for any outing with baby. Choose from our selection of safe and comfortable strollers, designed to meet your baby's needs while providing ease and convenience when traveling.

3. Luxury Multifunction Diaper Bag

A luxury multifunctional diaper bag is a must-have for any outing with baby. On our site you will find a range of stylish and practical changing bags, with multiple compartments for storing nappies, wipes, bottles and much more. And the most wonderful thing, good for all budgets!

4. Portable Bed

A portable bed is ideal for naps on the go or overnight stays with friends or relatives. On, you will find comfortable and secure portable beds , perfect for keeping your baby comfortable wherever you go. Some will be lighter for outdoor outings , and others will be ideal for longer outings .

5. Hat and Blanket

Keep your baby warm on cool weather outings by packing a soft hat and cozy blanket (even prettier when personalized ;)). On our site you will find a selection of quality hats and blankets , perfect for protecting your little one from the elements.

6. All-Purpose Bag

An all-purpose bag is essential for carrying all of your baby's essentials when you go out. At you will find spacious and durable bags, perfect for storing diapers, bottles, toys and much more.

Several models available!

7. Toy

Pack a favorite toy for your baby to keep them entertained during stroller rides or waiting in public. On our site, you will find a selection of toys adapted to your baby's age, designed to stimulate their development while entertaining them.

8. Breast pump, if breastfeeding is still in effect

If you are breastfeeding your baby, a portable breast pump can be a valuable tool when going out. On, you will find a selection of effective and easy-to-use breast pumps , perfect for expressing breast milk wherever you are.

9. Baby bottle

Carry a bottle filled with breast milk or formula to feed your baby when you go out. On our site you will find a range of safe, high quality baby bottles, designed to meet your little one's nutritional needs.

10. Diapers, Bottle and Pacifier

Don't forget essential items such as diapers , bottle and pacifier (our biggest seller at BCS) to ensure the comfort and well-being of your baby during your outings. On, you will find everything you need to change, feed and soothe your baby on the go.

11. Spill-proof bowl

For long car trips, we recommend a spill-proof bowl to prevent messes. It is completely normal for a child to be hungry during long car journeys (and even short ones). On the other hand, the cleanliness of your vehicle is put to the test. There's nothing worse than having to clean up the relics of your little one's snack from the back carpet. So here is the gyro bowl that will save you a lot of hassle.

Forewarned parents are worth two.

12. Baby carrier

Essential to have your hands free during walks (and even at home). Our baby carriers also have multiple pockets so you can take with you what you need to manage crises.

It is important to have a baby carrier that supports the baby's weight as well as good support for the back of the person carrying it. At BCS, we have unearthed gems for you that encompass these 2 specificities.

In summary, being well equipped is essential to fully enjoy your outings with baby. On our site you will find everything you need to make your family adventures as comfortable and convenient as possible. Browse our selection today and get ready to create unforgettable memories with your little one.


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