Preparation list for the arrival of baby.

Liste de préparation pour l'arrivée de bébé.

Anticipating everything that needs to be organized before the arrival of a newborn can quickly become a source of anxiety. But rest assured, once you have made a list of essential items to acquire for your baby, shopping time promises to be enjoyable. To guide you, we have developed a birth list including all the essential elements for newborns.

Baby room essentials

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Preparing and arranging your baby's room can be a wonderful step. Start by acquiring the essentials, then customize with additional touches that reflect your personal style; create a stimulating environment or prepare a neutral room for your baby.

Cradle :

If you have the budget and space to acquire a crib , it is a nice and comfortable place for your baby to sleep well during the first few weeks. Being portable, you can also easily move them from room to room. the other. However, you have the option of not including a crib in your birth list and opting directly for the purchase of a baby bed.

Baby bed and mattress :

Since your baby will be sleeping a lot in the first few months, make sure you give him or her a bed that is as comfortable and cozy as possible. Some baby beds are adjustable and grow with your baby. Always prioritize safety and choose a product that meets the latest safety standards, with a mattress adapted to your infant.

Bedding :

Fitted sheets are a great investment because they don't wrinkle. Make sure your baby's bed does not contain blankets, top sheets or pillows that could pose a safety risk.

Baby monitoring intercom :

While no device can replace regular monitoring of your baby while they sleep, a monitoring intercom allows you to see and hear your child from anywhere in the house.

Night light :

Emitting enough of a glow to make nighttime breastfeeding easier without having to turn on harsh lights, a night light can also reassure your baby in a dark room if they wake up as they get older.


To keep everything neat, organized and within reach, organize clothes, diapers, toys and other baby essentials in drawers, on shelves or in cabinets.

Nursing chair:

Although it may seem superfluous, having a comfortable place to sit and feed your baby is valuable. Some parents opt for a rocking chair, as the gentle movement can help calm the baby before sleep.

Mobile :

Adding cute touches to a baby's room, mobiles can also provide color and decoration while stimulating the infant. Make sure the mobile is securely attached to the ceiling and out of your baby's reach.

The essentials for feeding your baby

Toddlers have voracious appetites... Here are some essential items to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.


Usually made from a soft cheesecloth fabric, bibs are ideal for protecting your clothes when burping your baby after breastfeeding. They can also double as a makeshift bib to prevent vomit or drool stains on your baby's clothes.


Typically made from a thin fabric and often sold in multiples to facilitate regular washing, swaddles can be used as swaddle blankets in the first few weeks or to swaddle your baby. They help create an environment where your baby feels safe and comfortable during the first few weeks.

Nursing pillow :

To find a comfortable breastfeeding position, having adequate support is essential. That's why investing in a good pillow , especially the popular U-shaped models, can allow your newborn to rest while taking some of their weight off your arms.


If you plan to express some of your breast milk, bottles are necessary to feed your baby. Some plastic bottles come with an insert, and you may need to experiment with different types of nipples to find the one your infant likes best.

Draws milk :

If using a breast pump to store some of your breast milk is being considered, you can choose between a manual breast pump and an electric breast pump . Some models are designed to save time by pumping both breasts simultaneously.

Breast milk storage bags :

These bags allow you to express milk directly, label them with the date, then store them in the freezer.

Bottle brush and bottle sterilizer:

A bottle brush makes it easier to thoroughly clean the inside of your bottle, while a sterilizer keeps bottles, breast pumps and teats hygienic.

The essentials for changing your baby

Needless to say, babies generate a lot of pee and poop during their first few months. Here's everything you need to keep your diapers looking their best.

Layers :

This may seem obvious, but take the time to choose between disposable diapers, reusable cloth diapers , or a combination of both.

Changing table and mattress:

A secure place to change your baby's diaper is essential. Changing tables can feature storage for diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, ensuring everything is within easy reach for a safe change.

Wipes and cotton:

You can opt for using cotton (those that we offer on the links are ecological and washable.) and hot water to clean your baby's bottom during the first weeks. Wipes are generally more convenient when traveling.

Diaper bin:

Given the amount of diapers you will use daily, a diaper bin with a lid is a smart choice to prevent bad odors.

Essential clothing

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Your baby will experience rapid growth in his or her first few months, so avoid buying too many clothes in one size. Here are some essentials for baby's wardrobe.


Your baby will spend a lot of his time sleeping, but onesies aren't just for naptime. They can be worn all day, with different styles suitable for different temperatures.


Providing extra warmth under a onesie or other clothing, onesies often have snap closures for easier diaper changes.

T-shirts, leggings and jogging pants:

Opt for stretchy, soft clothing to keep your baby comfortable all day long.

Baby sweaters and cardigans:

Keep your baby warm with a sweater or jacket in cooler weather, especially when traveling.

Socks or slippers:

Even in hot weather, newborns can lose body heat quickly, so make sure you have enough socks and a few pairs of booties in baby's wardrobe.

Hats for all seasons:

Acquire a few weather-appropriate hats to keep your baby's head comfortable, whether it's cool or sunny.

Bath time essentials

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Bath time can be a wonderful experience of being close to your baby. Here is a complete list to make the most of this special moment.

Bathtub :

Whether you opt for a classic bath or a sponge bath, a bathtub suitable for newborns is essential. Always make sure it is designed for babies and meets current safety standards.

Shampoo and mild soap:

Choose baby-friendly formulas, with an appropriate pH, to minimize the risk of irritation to your newborn's delicate skin.

Towels and washcloths:

Washcloths are handy for deep cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas like behind the ears and on the neck. Baby towels , often with a hood , maintain body heat after bathing and make drying easier.

Essentials on the go

Simplify your travels with these essential accessories for babies.

Diaper bag:

Opt for a model that is compact and easily transportable, while still offering enough space to hold the essentials: a few diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. Don't forget a portable changing mat or pad to ensure a clean space to change your baby.

Car seat:

Even without driving, there may be times when you need to transport your baby in the car. Choose a rear-facing seat that is appropriate for your baby's weight and meets the latest safety standards. Always ensure correct installation of the seat.


With a variety of styles available, choose a stroller that meets the latest safety standards. Some systems allow the use of the car seat from birth.

Baby carrier :

Different styles and slings can adjust to your baby's growth. Some require a newborn insert, so carefully follow safety instructions when using.

Travel cot:

Ideal for staying with friends or family, make sure the portable crib meets current safety standards.

Health and safety essentials

It's always helpful to have these items on hand, especially if your baby seems unwell.


First aid kit :

It can hold a digital baby thermometer and antibiotic ointment. Keep a small case in your diaper bag to have essential items on the go.

Baby-friendly nail clippers:

Your newborn's nails may be long at birth, so proper nail clippers are necessary to prevent abrasions.

Solar cream :

Although direct exposure to the sun is not recommended for the first six months, applying sunscreen to exposed parts of your baby's face and hands can provide additional protection if clothing and shade are not enough.

Now that you have your list, why not spend some time researching the different products available? Chatting with parent friends can also provide you with valuable recommendations. Good shopping !

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